Understanding the differences between Medline via Ovid or via PubMed

MUHC staff has access to both Medline via PubMed and via Ovid. Users have been able to search Medline, freely available via PubMed, since 1996. Unlike Medline via Ovid, PubMed contains references to books, manuscripts and articles supplied by publishers ahead of print.

So why do we subscribe to Medline via Ovid if free access to Medline already exists via PubMed?

MUHC librarians have prepared a guide “Medline via Ovid or via PubMed?” to help you understand the differences between Medline via Ovid and Medline via PubMed, and to present the advantages of each.

If you have questions, or would like to organize a Medline training session via PubMed or Ovid, contact your hospital librarian.

Published July 7, 2014.
Updated August 24, 2016.