TRIP database launches a new search feature

TRIP database (Turning Research Into Practice), a search engine designed to locate high-quality evidence from multiple sources via a single website, has launched a new graphic design as well as a new search feature based on the PICO method of formulating answerable questions.

In addition to the basic and advanced searches, TRIP database users can now select the PICO search feature (accessible by clicking the PICO search button). The feature is comprised of four search fields – labelled Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome – which users can fill in based on the elements of their clinical questions. For example, users interested in quickly locating evidence on the impact of a laparoscopic approach for liver resection on patients’ length of stay would enter the following:

  • Population: Liver resection
  • Intervention: Laparoscopy
  • Outcome: Length of Stay

While definitely useful for quickly locating evidence from authoritative sources, the new feature is designed to help users obtain a “manageable set of results to help answer their clinical query” and should not be used for a comprehensive search of the literature.

Need help locating the best evidence? Your hospital librarian will perform literature searches on your topic in the appropriate databases and provide a list of relevant articles, including abstracts, upon request.

Published January 3, 2013.