PEN – Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition

Your MUHC Librarians are happy to announce the addition of a new resource for nutritionists to our collection: PEN (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition).

PEN is a website developed by the Dietitians of Canada that delivers evidence-based guidance for your nutrition practice questions easily and efficiently.

You can access PEN using any computer at the MUHC. You’ll find the link to PEN in the Quick Links menu, on the side of the page, under the “MUHC” column. You can also bookmark the link in your browser for added convenience: Note: When you have finished searching, please remember to close your browser window as only 5 users can access PEN at a time.

For questions about dietary supplements, natural and complementary alternatives, interactions and adverse effects, you also have access to Natural Medicines, also via the Quick Links menu or at

Other announcements will follow. For more information on accessing the MUHC Libraries’ collection, or to ask for help, please contact your hospital librarian.

Published February 1, 2016