June 9, 2015: MCI Medical Library moving to the Glen

The Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) Medical Library is moving to the Glen site on June 9, 2015, where it will merge into the Glen Medical Library – McConnell Resource Centre.

The MCI library (J5.26) will be unavailable after this date. All requests for literature searches, database training, or assistance obtaining articles or books should be directed to the Glen Library (#35290).

The McConnell Resource Centre is already open; the MCI Medical Library’s collection will be available at the Glen following the move.

The McConnell Resource Centre is on the ground floor, centrally located in the promenade between the B and C pavilions, and adjacent to the security desk.

Staffed hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Access outside of these hours requires appropriate ID; the After Hours Access page of the MUHC Libraries web site provides more information.

Please note that the Montreal General Hospital Medical Library, Allan Memorial Institute Library, and Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital Library will remain at their present locations.

The MUHC Libraries website will provide regular updates in this time of transition. For more information, contact Bénédicte Nauche, Librarian-Coordinator, MUHC Medical Libraries (#35292).