Update! Gradual re-opening of MUHC medical libraries

We are pleased to announce the gradual reopening of MUHC medical libraries.

The Glen Library now opens 3 or 4 days a week, on selected days from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The library is currently shared with simulation activities, but additional availability may be offered when those activities end.

*NEW* The Montreal General Hospital Library and Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital Library are now open 24/7.

Who can book a study space?

At this time, study space use is reserved for study and search purposes. All users must have their MUHC ID.

Study spaces may be booked for individual use only. No group study is permitted.

Time slots & opening hours

Time slots: Time slots are one hour long (including cleaning and disinfection time). Consecutive timeslots may be booked.

Maximum study space booking: Daily maximum = 4 hours. Weekly maximum = 12 hours. .

Advance booking: Booking permitted up to 2 weeks in advance.

Opening hours: Check LibCal for study space availability.

After-hours access: Not permitted.

Types of spaces available

Study Carrel: Large desk where you can bring and plug in your personal device (ex:` laptop, tablet, etc.).

Computer Workstation: Desk with library computer connected to the MUHC network. These computers can provide access to OACIS. Some also provide access to Endnote, an application for managing bibliographies and references.

How to book

To use a study carrel or computer workstation, book a space using LibCal.

For more information on how book a space, see our tutorial.

It is not permitted to eat or drink inside the library and you will have to respect the current sanitary guidelines issued by IPC (2 metre social distancing and procedure mask at all times).

Study space reservation service, physical book consultations and loans, printing and photocopying are available.

Loaning of equipment (headphones, laptops) is currently not permitted.

Many services (search support, inter-library loans for electronic articles, trainings, how to find an article, troubleshooting Endnote, etc.) are available remotely.

Please contact the library by email at library.glen@muhc.mcgill.ca or fill out the appropriate form to make a remote service request:

Updated July 14, 2022.