Find the right journals to submit your manuscript to with JANE

Researchers who have recently written a paper but are unsure which journal they should submit it to may wish to consult JANE, the Journal/Author Name Estimator: JANE is a free web-based application designed to analyze a text sample and compare it to similar records in Medline to find best matching articles in journals. It is also useful if you wish to find reviewers with particular subject expertise.

To search JANE, insert your text sample (a title, abstract or simply keywords) in the search box and choose one of the three basic search methods: by journal, by article or by author. Choosing to search by journal (title) finds journals that have published articles on similar topics to yours. The author search finds authors who have previously published on your topic. An article search finds published articles with similar content. More information on JANE can be found in Jane: suggesting journals, finding experts.

Your hospital librarian can help you with your research by assisting you with literature searches and managing your references with EndNote. Contact hospital librarian for more information.

Published December 9, 2013.