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Training and Instruction

EndNote: managing your bibliographies

July-August 2019

This hands-on session introduces the essential features of EndNote, a bibliographic management program.

Searching the biomedical literature

July-August 2019

Workshops are offered for Medline via Ovid or PubMed, designed for health professionals with little previous experience in literature searching.


Removing animal studies from your searches

When searching the biomedical literature, you may encounter animal studies on your topic that you want to exclude. You can…Full Story

MUHC Resources on Hypertension

May is Hypertension Awareness Month. Led by Hypertension Canada, this month we encourage everyone to “Know Their Number”. Knowing your…Full Story

MUHC Resources on Brain Tumours

May is Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Led by the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation, this month is to dedicated to raising…Full Story